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Posted by: tdub303 on January 19th, 2011

Light Stencil Tutorial

Light stencils are an easy way to add in graphic elements to long exposure shots. Basically, this is fired in the frame while the shutter is open during a long exposure. The graphic remains while the person and box is completely invisible.

Watch the vid and make a box as directed. Using any illustration program print out your design onto fine grade paper which is slightly heavier than regular copy/printing paper. I print 2 and paste them together but make sure they are perfectly aligned by holding them up against a bright light source. I laminate mine so they can be reused as they often rip when removed or changed but this is not a necessary step.

I usually set the flash to 1/8 which works well with the settings I use on my camera for light @painting. You may need to adjust this and I suggest doing a test shot before your light work to check the exposure of the stencil. Happy shooting!

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